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Winter Flowers: How to Beat the Cold Weather Blues

In warmer months, you might take for granted the lush gardens and green trees surrounding you. During the winter, however, the presence of greenery, live plants, or a lush bouquet of colorful blooms can literally change your life. In scientific studies and anecdotal evidence, the presence of greenery and flowers has been shown to boost one’s mood, reduce depression, and create a sense of joy and well-being.
Flowers around the house
Whether your winter flower power comes from a garden greenhouse or gift of cut roses in a vase, the joy and satisfaction you will feel are hard to beat.  You may not have anything growing in the yard this time of year, but you can indulge in a few small bouquets from the florist and augment them with seasonal greenery, such as bittersweet, eucalyptus, or ivy.
When your bouquet begins to fade, don’t toss the whole thing out. Instead, pick out the flowers that still have some life in them and combine them with interesting branches you may find on your walks. Your purchased flowers will bring enjoyment twice as long.
Indoor plants are a fantastic way to keep away the winter blues. You have hundreds of flowers and plants from which to choose, and you’ll have a great time arranging them on your windowsills and mantel, and brightening corners in hanging pots. Dedicate an entire side table to potted coleus, ferns, and inch plants. Cluster tiny pots of succulents together on a rustic wood tray or hang them in macrame plant holders near windows.

Flowes and plants have provided nourishment and care to humans for millions of years. Instinctively, we feel better in our surroundings. Celebrate this ancient bond when the cold winds start to blow.
Have a warm winter!

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